A BUSY mum has launched her own childminding service and is encouraging others with similar aspirations to follow her path into business.

Angela Quinn, 37, from Seaham, set up her business 18 months ago, in April 2014, after wanting to create the perfect work-life balance which would fit around her son Isaac Quinn, now aged three.

Despite having a wealth of experience with children – working as a nursery nurse for 15 years prior to becoming a mum herself – she initially struggled to understand the ‘business’ side of setting up on her own.

But with the help of East Durham Business Service (EDBS), dedicated Angela, of Seaton Lane, waded her way through the bureacratics and Angela Quinn Child Care Services was born.

Angela said: “I was a nursery nurse and worked in a school for 15 years. When I had my little boy I had problems getting childcare because we don’t have a lot of family so we really struggled.

“I heard about East Durham Business Service through the job centre when I was already in the process of trying to set up my own childminding service.

“The job centre staff said I’d be able to get help with the business side of things at EDBS.

“So I set up an appointment and then had to go maybe once a fortnight to talk through business plans, how to get my business up and running, registering for tax returns and things like that. All things I’d never done before.”

And Angela’s plans have come to fruition with her business running successully and seeing her busy caring for several children, as well as her own son.

Angela added: “If anyone is thinking about setting up their own business then I’d definitely recommend EDBS to them

“It was so helpful to go through all of the things I didn’t have a clue about, with people who knew exactly what they were doing. I dare say I wouldn’t be where I am today without EDBS’s help.”

Denise Fielding, Operations Director at East Durham Business Service, said: “It’s so rewarding being able to help people like Angela set up their own businesses.

“Very often we see people who have great ideas, which are financially viable, and they just need a bit of extra help to get them off the ground.”