BIDEX Energy Auction, the Peterlee based business energy auction specialists, continue their rapid growth as more and more companies make enquiries about using their innovative energy auction system.

Established in 2015, the company has a high tech approach that uses industry leading software that allows Ofgem licensed energy suppliers to bid for live energy contracts.

As a business it’s has been focused on introducing greater competition and transparency about energy prices. Most businesses often speak to suppliers directly or use a broker, but what they don’t realise that in both cases it doesn’t always get them the best possible prices. Bidex offers a true alternative that is both effective and saves money.

“We’re here to shake up the energy market and get businesses to wake up to the fact that they are paying far too much for their energy. And it’s not just unit prices, but also the large hidden fees that so many brokers charge” says Development Director Bob Pritchard.

Developed after extensive market research, Bidex listened to its customers who wanted greater competition, total transparency and lower fees. That’s why every auction that Bidex conducts has its fees openly displayed. The company is going one step further by publishing its unit prices on its website on a monthly basis, which is totally unique within the industry. It will introduce a level of transparency that’s never seen been seen before within the energy sector.

Bidex are already involved with a growing number of mixed SME and Industrial & Commercial customers with some high profile clients including international airports, national high street retail chains and a number of large single site manufacturing businesses. It’s pretty confident that its system is the best on the market when it comes to energy purchasing for businesses. And its revolutionary simply because no one else in the UK is doing it!