Businesses are being encouraged to look at the export market to facilitate their plans for growth.

Peterlee company Exportis is offering advice to those companies who believe they could win enw work by expanding overseas.

Helen Curry from the company explains how companies can overcome common export concerns and how they can help businesses take that next step.

Helen said: “When you ask companies why they don’t already export, the most common answers are that they don’t have time, they wouldn’t know where to start, there is too much paperwork involved and that they can’t speak any other languages and therefore wouldn’t be able to communicate.

“But we can help them overcome these perceived obstacles because we do have the time and know where to start. Exportis can handle all the paperwork and have a number of experienced consultants who are fluent in many languages and are able to communicate effectively.

“If you have a great product or service, think big. Let your business grow and prosper.”

Here are just a few of the advantages of exporting:

  • improves competitiveness by exposing your company to new ideas and overseas demands
  • makes company more productive
  • exporters make more money
  • exporters import work practices that encourage higher work performance
  • stronger financial performance
  • more durability
  • higher levels of innovation and productivity
  • increased competition
  • reduced dependency on domestic markets
  • increased sales and global market share
  • help to reduce trade deficit

Exportis is an independent consultancy, dedicated to helping UK companies export their products and services to the Middle East.

Exportis Group is flexible and creative in its search for opportunities and solutions that enhance its clients’ business and aspirations of overseas expansion. Our range of partnering and business development support services are designed to provide you with the opportunity and potential for success.

IPS and JV – International Partner Search (IPS) for agents, distributors and representatives.  Joint venturing, strategic partnering and traditional search and selection.

Planning and Assessment – Strategic planning, market analysis and opportunity assessment.  Project assessment, analysis and decision making, including economic modelling.

Analysis and Development – Policy analysis and prescriptive planning.  Project development, support and planning.