Recently, I stumbled upon one of the best and most profound opportunities which really seemed to draw me in.

At first, I was sceptical, having had no luck in the past pursuing what I really wanted to get out of life.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a great fondness for being creatively minded and was always naturally driven towards work and projects that enabled me to utilise my imagination and creative flare.

Though through the years, from leaving school to only a month ago, I didn’t really believe that I would be able to find a path into employment that would allow me to express that creative side and ultimately, make a living from my own merits.

However, the team at East Durham Business Service, who are based at Novus Business Centre, took me in, sat me down and reassured me that if I had the motivation, the drive and the sheer determination to aspire to be what I want to be then I really could.

My mentor Simon Naisbett has really helped me – now I seem to glow with confidence and I hope that those who have been by my side throughout are confident in me too.

I keep telling myself “things will change” and surely as you know it, the quality of my life now has so much more meaning to it. Since meeting Simon and the other staff, I have gained respect for them almost immediately and after the help I have already received within this one month, I am ecstatic to continue knowing I am in good, helping hands.

I do now have the confidence to step further and higher toward the life I have always wanted. It has been difficult and quite frustrating over the years, having had literally zero opportunities to express myself creatively, only having a college course to rely on which I felt suppressed me more than it did help.

As we all know the universe would be a strange place, had there been no artwork ever created; with no paintings, movies and music, the world would have turned bland a long time ago.

I like to consider myself one of those people who enjoys bringing the world to life, whether it be in an explosion of fireworks or a splatter of paint on a canvas; the innovative spirit in me animates to a creative frenzy on a regular basis.

No one deserves to feel like they have no abilities worth broadcasting. Everyone has a gift to give to the world and thankfully, now I have the courage and tenacity to strive further and further towards gifting the world with creative magic.