Managing Director of Novus Business Centre Peterlee tenant LEC Communications and Design, Leanne Fawcett, shares her latest blog, which looks at why Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

What is about this time of year that turns us all into big kids?

Yes, we know Christmas is a wonderful occasion, especially for our children, but us adults seem to be becoming more and more consumed by the festive period and everything that comes with it.

As a business owner who rarely switches off (I’m sure everyone who’s self employed or running a business will relate to that), Christmas is the one time of year when I can have some time away from work.

That’s because most of our clients shut down over the festive fortnight, which for us means time off is time off.

And I think that’s why we’re seeing such a take up of feel good cheer. Why when the bells toll for December 1 there’s a greater spring in our steps. Why getting up is easier (Magic’s 100 per cent Christmas has certainly helped me settle into the working day) and why a good mood is anything but hard to come by.

It’s also an ideal opportunity for employers to say thank you to their staff for their hard work during the year – even a little gesture is appreciated and shows that you really do value your workforce and the contribution they make to your business.

So, whatever you’re doing this Christmas (mine is all about spending time with my husband and kids and catching up with friends and family, perhaps washed down with the odd glass of festive merriment) make sure you enjoy it.

Socialise, celebrate and above all else, try and recharge those batteries ready for the new year ahead!