Denise Fielding, Operations Director of Peterlee-based East Durham Business Service, looks at the full spectrum the organisation offers and how their ethos is helping businesses establish themselves from the get-go.

One of the hardest things for any sole trader or micro business to do is firstly, set up, and secondly, establish a place within the target market place.

Do you launch from your own front room? Do you take on the commitment of an office? How do you bring in business? When is the right time to add to your team?

These are all questions which we are frequently asked by the people who come through our doors – whether they’re a budding entrepreneur with an idea they are thinking about pursuing, or a business that wants to take the next steps in establishing a proper base from which to grow.

And what we pride ourselves on at East Durham Business Service is that our support ethos is to help a business through an entire journey – and once they’re set up wok with them, however we can.

Take newly established business THEGO2GROUP for example, an energy savings consultancy which was launched by Jonny Golightly last November.

Jonny came to us for advice about how to launch, so one of our advisors mentored him through the process, from exploring whether his idea had potential right through to helping Jonny launch.

But our support didn’t stop there. We then found an office for Jonny to move into, which he did from the first day the business began trading, and then appointed THEGO2GROUP as our energy consultant.

In the months since he launched, Jonny has rapidly established himself within the local business community and is already thinking about recruiting this year.

We adopted a similar approach with LEC Communications and Design. We provided owner Leanne Fawcett with advice to launch her business back in 2012, helping her develop a thorough and robust business plan, to supporting the company into offices in Novus Business Centre (our flexible office space has also enabled LEC to up and downsize as needed) and then appointing the business as our communications and marketing agency.

For us, it’s the full spectrum of support that makes a real difference and that’s backed up by the many flourishing businesses we have based at Novus.