Blog provided by managing director of EDBS tenant LEC Communications and Design, Leanne Fawcett.

Anyone who runs a business knows every month presents its own set of challenges.

Do you have enough work on? Will invoices be paid? Can you manage every client’s expectations and meet their often tight and demanding deadlines (every client’s the most important, right!)?

Hopefully, usually and yes – take your pick which answer applies to which question.

Thankfully, though, these challenges are more than rewarded by the pleasure us business owners get when we see our hard work pay off and the client portfolio and bank balance grow.

But then along came coronavirus.

Back when the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the UK, I don’t think anyone fully appreciated just how serious things would get.

Even a mere six weeks ago – before the country went into lockdown – there was little to suggest we’d be where we are today.

LEC was riding on the crest of a wave. Months of hard work behind the scenes was at long last paying off and we were primely positioned to bring in some extensive projects that would have changed the business for the better.

But then the worst was confirmed – as deaths from the virus rocketed, the Prime Minister confirmed schools were to close, and shortly after, that Britain was heading for lockdown.

And I, like so many other business owners, was forced to assess what the future held as projects were put on hold, sponsorship was pulled and clients dropped off the radar to focus on keeping their own companies afloat.

It’s certainly been a tough few weeks, and, as I write this there’s little sign of things getting better.

However, I do consider myself lucky as I’m in the fortunate position that I can continue to run my business from home – so as long as there’s the possibility of work coming in, I’ll get up every day with as much of a spring in my step as I can muster.

I’m also incredibly grateful to have been able to tap into grant support available from Durham County Council – a one-off payment which has made a big difference to cash flow in these very challenging and unprecedented times.

While none of us know what’s still to come as far as the country’s continued fight to beat the coronavirus pandemic, what we do know is that together we’re stronger and if we work together and help each other, we will get through it.