An independent financial adviser with more than six years’ industry experience has launched her own company.

Aimee Watson has set up Aimee Financial, which provides bespoke financial planning and pension advice to clients.

Although specialising in retirement planning, the company also offers support to younger people who are looking to build up their pension over a period of years to ensure they have a decent fund to tap into as they get older.

Aimee, 29, from Peterlee launched the business after spotting a gap in the market for a young female to provide financial services.

Aimee, whose business is based in Novus Business Centre in Peterlee said: “From my years working in the financial sector, I realised there was definitely less young people and in particular young women who were seeking financial advice.

“I did some research and found that it was in large part due to the perceptions of the industry, being quite male dominated and elitist. What I wanted to do was offer a service which is more streamlined and straight forward for people to use.

“My company offers tailored solutions in a transparent way, using the latest technologies, online tools and digitisation. More importantly, we’re relaxed and approachable. I want to take the complexities away for clients and hopefully get younger people saving more and helping people plan for and access their retirement provisions.”

Aimee, who graduated from Northumbria University with a law degree, is in the early stages of business development but has ambitious plans to grow and expand her client portfolio.

She has also undertaken additional qualifications, completing a Diploma in Financial Planning in 2016 and earning the requisite qualifications to become an Independent Financial Planner. Aimee is also a member of the Personal Finance Society and training to be a chartered retirement planning specialist.

Aimee added: “I am really excited to have been able to launch Aimee Financial and I do believe it will make a real difference for a lot of people in the local area who want a different approach to financial planning but if I can also get younger people like myself on board with their financial planning then great!”